Thursday, May 8, 2008

something less than love

Things I despise:

1. TV and radio commercials that are annoying as hell: stupid white shirts flying like birds; stupid cracker/pretzel lady (close your damn mouth while you chew); stupid safelite; I could go on, but won't for lack of good memory)
2. Hillary Clinton: I can't even stand to look at her, let alone hear that damn cackle.
3. Exclamation points
4. The past
5. False hope
6. Letting go
7. Money (which is why I always try to keep very little)
8. Assholes who drive behind you with high beams on.
9. Slow drivers
10. Not being able to sleep
11. Sleeping too much
12. BPD
13. Cleaning
14. Worrying about the future
15. Inevitability/Uncertainty/Words that rhyme with faint


Driving home today, I realized again how difficult it's going to be to come home to an empty house that stays empty. To go to bed with no one there. To eat alone. To not have someone to cook for but myself.

I also realized how much I drive to work and back home without ever paying attention to anything. I get to where I'm going and barely remember driving there. Scary.