Sunday, December 30, 2007

if I could...

...I would give you up.

No second chances...

I believed in the world right in front of me, but now along these empty streets where this curse haunts these memories of a man and all he's lost, no time to think about it, no room to breathe. If I had a way back I'd ride through the dark and the dawn, but please don't wait for me because the man you love don't live anymore. I can't go home again. Tonight you'll sleep, no fear of what might become of me, my dear within these end of days where this longing turns this man to prey on a love that yearns to die, no time to live & doubt it, girl I'm worth the second chance. What have I done?
I believed in the world once in front of me, but now that's gone.

~Coheed and Cambria