Sunday, May 4, 2008

she has a fear of heights

She has a fear of love,
accepting everything but what she really dreamed of.
She keeps her heart locked;
no she won't ever answer even though she hears a knock.
But love is at the door,
and after all isn't that what we are here for?
I want to rescue her,
but I've already tried, for there is only one cure.


Casually I walk under the sunless sky,
yet so naively.
She was the first one to catch my eye,
and I was hers.
All at once I fell for you,
you fell for me,
we fell too soon...

This isn't over it never was.
Are you the type to settle or move on just because
it's easier for you?
Or are you feeling like you need to get away
from looks you never got and words I did not say?
I'd say them all today,
if I could...