Tuesday, April 8, 2008

battered and just left for dead

take this song of love
disfigure it in any way you can
while you have your chance
'cause I'll never sing of love again, again...



I felt like complete ass today. I hope I can actually get some sleep tonight. At least more than last night. I wish I could actually describe to someone how I actually feel everyday. My difficulty in doing so is mainly because I just can't seem to put it into any words that would actually make sense. I suppose I feel like I'm constantly falling to my death from an impossibly high cliff. I know what's at the bottom, but I can't help but hope that it's something else. Anything but what I know it is or just more empty space.

Oh, and I have the title for my first book of poems I'll probably never publish, courtesy of Chazz from Blades of Glory: Let Me Put My Poems in You.


Fact: "Love is not a bandage to cover wounds." ~ Hugh Elliott