Saturday, April 5, 2008

Alive In Conclusion

There's possibly nothing worse than hearing from your doctor that you're at risk of heart disease because of high cholesterol. It has me thinking of the same damn thing that I always think about at night that keeps me from going to sleep. Something I haven't thought of much lately. Something I write too much poetry about. The Big D. And, um, I don't mean Dallas. Or divorce. Honestly, we're all too young to die. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I think that everyone living forever wouldn't be a bad thing. And why is it that we haven't found a cure for death yet. For the most part, we die because our system shuts down and crap stops working. Why can't we fix that? I just can't stand the thought of not existing any longer.

And if we somehow are reincarnated in another body with no recollection of our former selves, that doesn't seem like much of a consolation. People always say that they must have been bad in a former life to deserve such a crappy life. For me, though, it was this one I've screwed up so much in that has caused me grief, that has caused my life to be so crappy. But I shouldn't bitch, I've got a pretty damn good life. I just wish I could change a few things.