Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ignorance is (not) bliss

"If you won't learn our language, get the hell out of our country." I wouldn't have a problem if English became America's national language. Though, I don't think it should. But why is it that the ones who always argue that it should be our national language, the ones who condemn those who have yet to learn English, are the ones who have themselves not yet mastered our language? Yes, I realize you "ain't skeered" by anything liberals have to say, and that, on the issue of making English as our official language, you want to "Git-R-done." But honestly, learn how to construct a coherent fucking sentence and quit proving to the world that, while English isn't our national language yet, ignorance certainly is. Oh, and American is not a language, moron.


Over 85% of the world's problems could be resolved by the abolition of ignorance. Over 80% of this country is ignorant. Interesting. Very interesting.