Friday, January 11, 2008

we're always crossing black rivers...

Stroke your reader’s cheek / while you box his ears.



I can't say how sick I am of hearing about steroids in baseball; how great the mighty Patriots are; everything that O.J. Simpson can't stop messing up; who's in rehab now; who's out of rehab now; so-called "Islamic Extremists" (Give me a break: The fact that they're Islamic has little to do with anything. Call them crazies. We all got 'em--every race, every nationality, every religion. Crazies. Period.); the Spears family; Ron "I'm Bringin' Jesus Back" Paul; Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hating sexist bigots; who's supporting whom in the races; Dr. Phil; and Dr. Phil's hair (or lack thereof). Enough already. Can we move on already?