Monday, November 19, 2007

Down Towards the Healing

I want to make you happy,
but I've fallen. I'm sorry.
I thought my wings could hold me up
with angels not demons.
You don't know how cool you are
to find the ways to love me without shame.



Who would have thought that falling 7 feet or so, landing on rocks and dirt, landing on your arm, and smacking your knee against the frame of your bike would hurt so much. Maybe it's the bruised ribs. Maybe it's the sore shoulder. Maybe it's the grapefruit I'm smuggling on my kneecap just below the skin. I don't know, but walking seems to be a struggle right now. Thank God for strong pain killers. And is it bad that I want nothing more than to get back out to the trail right now?


Just as it's impossible to say I love you to someone you love, it's impossible to say I'm sorry to someone you really are sorry for hurting.