Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's easy feeling righteous when removed....

...all you'll get is what you want to hear. It hurts because it should. How else am I to make it clear? I could never be the one that you want. Don't ask. Well, here's to living in the moment, 'cause it passed.

~Jimmy Eat World


That which needs no explanation:

~Seamus Heaney

Fetch me the sandmartin
skimming and veering
breast to breast with himself
in the clouds in the river.
At the worn mouth of the hole
flight after flight after flight
the swoop of his wings
gloved and kissed home.
A glottal stillness. An eardrum.
Far in, featherbrains tucked in silence,
a silence of water
lipping the bank.
Mould my shoulders inward to you.
Occlude me.
Be damp clay pouting.
Let me listen under your eaves.

Autumn Sky
~Charles Simic

In my great-grandmother's time,
All one needed was a broom
To get to see places
And give the geese a chase in the sky.
The stars know everything,
So we try to read their minds.
As distant as they are,
We choose to whisper in their presence.
Oh, Cynthia,
Take a clock that has lost its hands
For a ride.
Get me a room at Hotel Eternity
Where Time likes to stop now and then.
Come, lovers of dark corners,
The sky says,
And sit in one of my dark corners.
There are tasty little zeros
In the peanut dish tonight.

God's Woman
~Anne Carson

Are you angry at nature? said God to His woman.
Yes I am angry at nature I do not want nature stuck
up between my legs on your pink baton

or ladled out like geography whenever
your buckle needs a lick.
What do you mean creation?

God circled her.
Fire. Time. Fire.
Choose, said God.