Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long Line of Leavers

For the second time in my life, I heard voices. Well, one voice. It said the same thing I heard when I first heard it in high school. I'm here alone, so it was quite odd.

And I'm beginning to see things again. This can't be good.


For some reason, I started thinking about two people tonight that I haven't thought about in years. One was from Ohio, the other from Texas -- the only two funerals I've ever been to in my life. She was a friend's mom with cancer. He was a friend and only fifteen. Being in the presence of the lifeless body of a person you knew quite well when alive has to be the strangest feeling in the world. It seems odd to me that a dead body looks nothing like the body of someone sleeping. If there ever was any proof that there is such thing as a soul, it's when you look at someone who is suddenly soulless.

"Thank God I'm back in my car, and drivin' home, and drivin' home.
'Cause the air was thin and so cold back in there.
It was my first time, won't be my last time.
And the questions rise, expectations fall in light of it all.
There aren't words to say; words aren't remembered, but presence is." - CC